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Justice is Coming!!

COMING IN MAY! Neil Gaiman’s iconic embodiment of justice returns! And woe to those who would do women harm! After almost 20 years, the classic series, LADY JUSTICE  is collected for the first time in this stunning volume.

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LEGENDS - The Final Chapter!

IN STORES NOW!! Only one WWE Superstar can unite the WWE Superstars of the present with the greatest WWE Legends of the past: “STONE COLD” STEVE AUSTIN! Find out how it all goes down in the final chapter of the ‘LEGENDS” storyline!

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Grappling With a Mystery

IN STORES NOW! Monday Night Raw is chaos. The championship belt is missing. Announcer tables are destroyed. John Cena’s handcuffed to Mark Henry. Wrestling ring ropes are snapped in half. Four Superstars are to blame – CM Punk, Rob Van Dam, Daniel Bryan, and Rey Mysterio.  Problem is, none of them can remember a thing.

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Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice

From the mind of New York Times Best-selling author and Eisner Award-winning author Neil Gaiman, Lady Justice is the living embodiment of justice, possessing oppressed women and giving them the ability to fight their tormentors.


Neil Gaiman's Mr. Hero

A unique vision of the future past by Eisner award-winning creator Neil Gaiman. The Newmatic Man is state of the art technology for the 19th century. But when he accidentally kills a human, the man machine is mothballed for 100 years. Discovered by a young girl, will the automaton find his place in a brave new world and take on the mantle of…Mr. Hero?


Neil Gaiman's Teknophage

From the mind of New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman! The 65-million year-old reptile known as the Teknophage plots and plans the expansion of his intergalactic empire.  However, when he turns his sights towards Kahlighoul’s sister planet, Earth, the Teknophage encounters a source of resistance that he did not expect.

WWE Superstars

From gritty noirish landscapes to action comedy to reality-bending adventures, each volume of WWE SUPERSTARS features the planet’s premiere sports entertainers in unique situations and storylines. Whether it’s current favorites like John Cena and Daniel Bryan to legends like Hulk Hogan and Steve Austin, WWE SUPERSTARS delivers the heroes you love in groundbreaking graphic novel adventures.

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