The Wendy Project: Buzz

Advance Praise for THE WENDY PROJECT:

“This unexpected gem stands out among latter-day versions of Peter Pan thanks to its embrace of genuine emotion and psychological gravity. Highly recommended to all graphic novel and fantasy fans, and especially to YA readers.” – SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL (starred review)

“Tight writing that’s true to the rawness of teenage feelings…smart artwork, and a girls’-eye-view of a boyhood tale will make readers believe–maybe not in fairies, but in Wendy.” – Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“A perfect personification of the obscurities and realities of grief.” – Librarian at Glenlawn Collegiate

“Wonderful in every sense of the word, The Wendy Project tells a moving story about not only the loss of a family member but also the loss of innocence as children become adults.” – FOREWORD REVIEWS

“[The Wendy Project] draws its power from the human ability to reconcile our grief in deeply personal ways […] it is a story that lets us look through the window of a grieving soul trying to find a way to understand how to move forward.” – Comic Crusaders

“Writer Melissa Jane Osbourne does an excellent job at depicting grief, whether from the lead character’s family, or Wendy herself. She arouses a thought-provoking look at the fantastic possibilities encountered by a traumatic event, as well as a true characterization of the trials of adolescence.” – Pop Culture HQ

“This is a fantastic graphic novel. The color-work is beautiful and the story is heart wrenching. I highly recommend this one.” – Librarian at Pease Public Library

“I love this title and can NOT recommend it enough. If you like the literary tale of Peter Pan, if you like young adult stories, if you like art and a great story, you need to read this.” – Comics Dungeon

“This little book broke my heart in 96 pages. It’s a surprisingly full story for such a short one. I love how such dark subjects like grief, the nature of reality, guilt, anger, and desire are all dealt with so gently and yet with a raw and honest quality.” – Books for MKs

“Heartbreakingly lovely modern-day take on the Peter Pan/Neverland story. I thought I’d read a little and then go to bed, but I couldn’t stop once I’d started. The illustrations perfectly captured the disconnect between real and fantasy along with the spillover.” – Redefining Perfect

“[T]he nuance displayed in The Wendy Project is a rare gem I hope to read more of soon. The first issue is an example for other writers on how to subtly and gently address deep issues with finesse.” – Black Girl Nerds

Melissa Jane Osborne’s The Wendy Project is a beautiful graphic novel interpretation of Peter Pan. The story is told from the point of view of 16 year old Wendy who is behind the wheel when a car accident kills her youngest brother (Michael). The graphic novel follows Wendy’s journey of grief as she comes to terms with her brother’s death. It’s a short graphic novel, but the story is interesting, and accompanying artwork, which switches from black and white to stunning watercolor brings the story to life. This would be a great book for a child or young adult dealing with grief.” – GOODREADS

“A haunting, luminescent reinterpretation of a classic story.” – Stuart Moore, author of THE ZODIAC LEGACY

The Wendy Project is a masterpiece. Melissa Jane Osborne and Veronica Fish tell an intimate story about grief that is  both brutal and beautiful.” – David Gallaher, author of THE ONLY LIVING BOY