The Children of Captain Grant Creative Team

Meet the multi-talented writer/artist behind THE CHILDREN OF CAPTAIN GRANT!

Alexis Nesme


The creator of THE CHILDREN OF CAPTAIN GRANT graphic novel, ALEXIS NESME was born in the Rhône, in Villefranche sur Saône, in 1974. As a child he gained an initial enthusiasm for comics by making a few small stories but this initial enthusiasm quickly waned. It was only much later, after encountering  the works of Loisel and Bud, that he discovered the possibilities of the artform. Nesme received a Bachelor of Applied Arts from Lyon University. He then entered the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, where he learnt illustration and animation for children in the Claude Lapointe workshop. He also won the Alph’art Seed Pro in Angouleme. He graduated in 1997 and since then has worked in the illustration for various media outlets and children’s book publishers.

Nesme’s comics career started when he showed his work to French publisher Guy Delcourt, who put him in contact with Eric Omond. Omond then wrote a customized story based on the subjects and graphics he saw in Nesme’s portfolio and a comics career was born.

Alexis has paid particular attention to the coloring on his work, mixing all kinds of techniques in his work including : oil, ink, chalk, gouache, and colored pencil. Kent Williams, Dave McKean and Nicolas De Crécy are among the many artists that he lists as influences.



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