Neil Gaiman’s Lady Justice Vol. 2

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The Complete Comics, Vol. 2

AUTHOR: CJ Henderson
CREATED BY: Neil Gaiman
ARTIST: Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Netzer, Dan Brereton, Greg Boone, Mike Harris, Steve Lieber, Rick Magyar, Mike Chen, and Rich Buckler



Several tales feature women wronged seeking the ultimate revenge, empowered by the spirit of Lady Justice. In “Control Freak,” Brigitte Diamond (formerly Brigitte Dyson) is on a quest for justice that leads her to the man who taught her to kill-her lover! It’s steel against steel as she fights the final battle for her sanity and her soul. “Woman About Town” features two ex-cons with a new score planned-but there’s betrayal in the air. When the smoke clears, there’s going to be a price to be paid, and the new Lady Justice will be there to collect it. Plus: Slow Death,” “Disliked and Feared,” and the origin of Lady Justice is finally revealed in “The Highest Bidder.”

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Release Date

May 31, 2016


Paperback, Hardcover


9781629914800 / 9781629914817

Trim Size

6.625 x 10.25

Page Count

232 pages

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