Tales From The Crypt (Comic Book) #1

$ 3.99

WRITER/ARTIST: Stefan Petrucha & Jolyon Yates, David Anthony Kraft & Miran Kim, Scott Lobdell & John McCrea


The classic comic returns from the dead with a trio of tales that carry on the grand EC tradition. They say that money is the root of all evil and these stories prove the old adage true. In “Die-Vestment”, Stefan Petrucha & Jolyon Yates tell the tale of a billionaire who may lose more than his assets. In “”Zombie Bank”, David Anthony Kraft & Miran Kim show us that bank staffers may not be what they seem. And Scott Lobdell & John McCrea bring you the story of ‘The Werewolf of Wall Street”. Leonardo DiCaprio, he ain’t!

Additional information

Release Date

November 2016


Comic Book



Trim Size

6.625" x 10.125"

Page Count

32 pages

Age Range



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