Vincent: Buzz

Praise for Vincent

“It is so good reading VINCENT, by Vitor Cafaggi, that when it ends it leaves you longing for more.” -Fabio Moon (Daytripper, Two Brothers, How to Talk to Girls at Parties)

“Vitor Cafaggi spins a marvelous reationship story that is funny, charming, and for many of us extremely relatable. A wonderful read!” -Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Red Sonja, Kiss)

“VINCENT tells love stories that happen to all of us. Pure feelings, with butterflies, a glimmer in the eye, dumb smiles in the middle of thestreet, a small event can have major life altering changes that will change you forever … You must be brave to confront these adolescent romances,the first in your life, those that will never be forgotten or tainted. Deep down, it’s that. You must be brave.” -Delfin (Universe HQ)

“In a simply brilliant way, Vitor Cafaggi has created a story with the ability to remind you of everything you once felt. Every fear, every smile, every kiss goodnight (before 10 PM, without fail, or else his mother would worry) are portrayed here.VINCENT is not just a great read, it is a feeling, a longing for a time that you know you will never experience again.” -Lillo Parra (La Dansarina)

“VINCENT is an authentic work, one in which humor and drama mix in harmony, some times resulting in something very close to poetry or a beautiful song that will make you smile.” -Liber Paz (Universo HQ)

“I read VINCENT in just one sitting: I couldn’t stop myself! Amazing! One of the best comics I have read all year.”-Ivan Costa (Comic Book talent agent, Comic Con Experience partner)

“VINCENT is presented in a cute and fluffy way, but it’s also a somber reflection on the selfishness and cluelessness of adolescence. it’s a gentle reminder of who we once were and, hopefully, how far we’ve come” -Ian Flynn (Sonic the Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

“Relying on a healthy influence of Bill Watterson (which quickly is becoming a rather personal language), Cafaggi manages to inject a wide range of emotions into his work, with a rare lyricism for a cartoonist.” -Heitor Pitombo ( Ze Pereira Magazine)

“VINCENT is rich and truthful, a real test of the best of today’s vanguard in comics … lt’s not an exaggeration to say that it was the best work of comic strips to arrive in Brazil since Calvin and Hobbes ended.” -Lufs CS (RoteiroZ & Apneia)